Kate McLean : academic : design
Canterbury Christ Church University / RCA / Sensory Maps
Smellwalking is a method of encountering the world “nose-first”. I designed it to enable participants to discern, differentiate, record and share their experience of the olfactory landscape. Smellwalking is a deliberate act that deploys the human nose an active sensing system; comprising of three stages; smell catching, smell hunting and smell research in which distal odours are detected and proximal odours may be sought, deploying other human senses, and released or activated through touch.
Twitter:@katemclean; Instagram:@flakybrit

Dawn Matheson : artist: audio arts
I have walked my whole life: long distance, for thinking and creating. I am now working on a project walking the in the forest and connecting with trees for mental wellness. The project will be a sound walk in Guelph, ON, Canada.
Facebook: How To Draw A Tree

Anthea Millier : artist : visual art
Fine artist, print maker and teacher. I am interested in the hinterlands, ‘lost landscapes’ and psychogeography.
Facebook: Anthea Millier