Elspeth (Billie) Penfold : artist : geography / topography / psychogeography
I am a textile artist who brings experience of teaching and research into performance works. In 2012 I formed a group called Thread and Word. Through call outs and personal invitation I collaborate with fellow walkers to develop work with a focus on materials and process which relates to a place. Often these walks are associated with a particular festival and we use poetry and walking as a method to think and explore creativity.
Twitter:@elspethpenfold; Instagram:@elspethpenfold; Facebook: ThreadandWord

Teresa Pilgrim : academic: literature
University of Surrey
PhD Researcher at the University of Surrey. My research looks at early medieval women and their powerful connections to the landscape and I am particularly interested how early attitudes to women’s bodily and environmental autonomies are mediated by their texts. I walk regularly for many reasons: research and creative practice; activism; wellbeing and pilgrimage. I use the embodied practice of walking in response to PTSD.
Twitter:@PilgrimTeresa #BionicMedievalist

Ruth Pitter : artist: performance
Bristol Steppin Sistas
I am co-director of Bristol Steppin Sistas, a walking group for women of colour in Bristol. The aim is to encourage women to grace the space, to walk with confidence in urban and rural landscapes and to improve mental health and wellbeing. Personally I am a consummate walker. I walked over 3,000 miles in a year of lockdown and I continue to discover creativity in every pace.
Twitter:@BrisStepSista; Facebook: Bristol Steppin Sistas