Jean Robson : practitioner: health / wellbeing
All types of terrain, geographical area, distance, climate and group size – generally a multipurpose walker and wanting to make the most of walking opportunities.

Jill Rock: artist: geography / topography / psychogeography
Walking with local interesting stops, thoughts, etc.

Morag Rose: artist: geography / topography / psychogeography
The Loiterers Resistance Movement & University of Liverpool
The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) is a collective of artists, activists and urban wanderers interested in psychogeography, public space and creative walking. On the First Sunday of every month we explore Manchester together and also organise occasional exhibitions, events and random shenanigans. All events are free and open to all because we believe the streets belong to everyone and we want to reclaim them for play and revolutionary fun. The Loiterers Resistance Movement and University of Liverpool Walking with local interesting stops, thoughts, etc.
Twitter: @thelrm Facebook: The Loiterers Resistance Movement