Julia Bennett: academic: sociology
University of Chester
I walk to research place and research those who walk in places

Dr Tracey M Benson: artist: visual arts
Institute of Applied Ecology, University of Canberra
My work oscillates between a number of recurring themes: ideas related to place and the landscape, cultural identity, consumption, memory, history and materiality. Exploring other ways of encountering the landscape, through walking and quiet observation are significant sources of inspiration and contemplation. These humble walks have not only been a source of rich imagery and play, they have also been a way of balancing the hectic pace of modern life.
Twitter & Instagram: @bytetime Facebook: @Mediakult

S J Butler: writer: literature
I live, write and walk in East Sussex, and the landscape around me permeates my writing. Walking is how I learn a place, whether city or wild, and myself, and the rhythm of walking beats through all my words. I’ve had times when I haven’t been able to walk, and value crossing one small field on foot, stopping every few feet to look deeper, as much as a day on the high ridges of the mountains.