Terminalia Synchronised Walk

It’s time for some shared disruptive walking…

Terminalia Synchronised Walk 23 02 17

join the walk any time between sunrise and sunset, wherever you are

Network members, friends and curious passersby are invited to take a dérive to celebrate the festival of Terminalia. In a tribute to the borderless and liminal, this synchronised walk links to the Terminalia Festival of Psycheography, based in Leeds. Find out more about it here.


Dérive as you like it – try one of these provocations or just follow your curiosity:

  • Walk with friends, family or colleagues. Seek synchronicity. Discuss your findings.
  • Disobey signage. Defy walls and boundaries. Walk in a straight line as far as you can.
  • Incorporate a catapult. Flip a coin at junctions. Follow your nose, or a noise, or an annoyance.


Then share your experiences with fellow celebrants:

  • For instant sharing, tweet while you walk. Upload thoughts, findings or images to @womenwhowalknet so I can retweet them. Use #terminalia to follow the synchronised walk on Twitter and add your comments.
  • For a more leisurely response, post your walking notes, comments or blog link as a reply here.

Cross those thresholds!

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